Through the press...

-Saigon Times: "In praise of the extraordinary Stephane Tran Ngoc.... he
was the epitome of dazzling technical brilliance.... a concentration and
imaginative sympathy... displayed in a most extraordinary way... in his
hands, it became a work of mesmerizing intensity and beauty... Stephane
Tran Ngoc must be (Paganini's) equal. A concert of a lifetime.

-Le Monde de la Musique : « Sensitive and delicate soloist, the violinist
Stéphane Tran Ngoc has a warm tone that fits perfectly the Ravel Sonata ».

-Toscalusa News « (The DaPonte String Quartet) is not an ensemble to put
aside. For one thing, it includes among its members the remarkable
violinist Stephane Tran Ngoc ».

-Centre Presse: « With the Mendelssohn concerto, very marked by the
soloist’s personality, everything changed: impassioned, glowing, the
young virtuoso Stéphane Tran Ngoc has a full tone, warm, never forced.
His interpretation fit particularly this work full of charms ».

-Le Monde: « A revelation, a moment of happiness, a violinist with nerves
of steel, young infallible pope in Schumann and Prokofiev. »

-Compact Disc Classique: « Stéphane Tran Ngoc has a playing that already
shows a certain maturity: pearled tones, balanced phrasings, precise
fingerings. A real poet’s apprentice too with this innate way of making his
instrument sing with a veiled sparkle and right à propos ».

-The Washington Post: « an impassioned, razor edge performance, he has
that magical quality wherein his instrument appears as a seamless
extension of his spirit ».

-Luister Magazine: « Anyone who knows the thematical difficulties of the
work will be surprised to see how Stéphane Tran Ngoc plays them, with
(apparent) ease; he is a pure-bred musician. His extremely delicate tone, like
the flow of a stream, will not be directly associated with Schumann, but the
result is just sublime ».

-The Strad: « exceptional virtues of tone and intonation, an uncommonly
successful account, he brought the audience to their feet… most impressive

-Nord Eclair Matin: « this master piece (Brahms concerto) is also for the
soloist some kind of a permanent challenge that does not sacrifice all to
virtuosity. One needs some, and the young soloist does not lack any. He
still uses it with a surprising maturity, avoiding with ease the perils of a
definitely non-complaisant score, rigorously and in perfect mastery ».

-Ouest France: «  just an excellent performance, simple and excellent, a
model of delicacy,
rightness, respect, a perfect mastery ».